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Introducing Y’all Branding & Strategy


During my years working as a web developer, and then eventually digital and brand strategist, I always found the most excitement in doing work for brands that I felt understood the importance of giving back to their communities. These brands varied widely by industry, budget, and need, but every single one energized me and in turn, allowed me to do my best work for them.

While I was satisfied doing web development and digital branding and strategy for various agencies over the years, I noticed a bothersome trend of new agencies popping up across my home state and nationwide that either had a complete lack of interest in working with those who fight for others or in contributing to their communities. Even more bothersome was the notion that some of them actively worked against values that I hold dear, like equality and shared responsibility for our communities.

Throughout this time my interest in public policy went from a hobby to something that occupied much of my free time. This took the form of enrolling in public policy courses, engrossing myself in the ins-and-outs of the legislative process, and even considering finding a local office position to run for. My cliché “eureka” moment happened while I was stuck in traffic, heading back to Austin from San Antonio where I was attending my godson’s first birthday party. I had the deep knowledge of branding, digital strategy, and client relationship management. I had the passion, the desire to do more, and the interest in and growing knowledge of ethical brands and the best ways to market them. What I realized while I sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic with a less than engaging road-trip buddy who had been rocked to sleep by the motion of start-and-stop (despite their previous promises to entertain me), was that the one thing I no longer had was an excuse not to walk the walk.

That night Y’all Branding & Strategy was created. With a commitment to helping purposeful brands find their strategic edge, the firm was created with a strategy-first mindset implemented across brand planning, design, and digital services like web development. Purposeful brands have incredible stories. They are led by fascinating individuals. They do awe-inspiring things. We specialize in perfecting messaging around these elements, along with the rest of a brand’s core foundation, and then executing on it flawlessly.

To my delight I found that many others shared my vision and were eager to be a part of the work we wanted to do. Each individual just as motivated as I to give back and create incredible work, each of us with a unique set of skills. I am excited to announce a select group of those individuals: Y’all Branding & Strategy’s core team. A future post will dive into more detail on each of them, as they all have stories to tell, but for now please welcome Sarah Cooper, Lauren Wilks, and Guiselle Parker to the team.

For those who have helped me along the way to making this dream a reality, one that I hope will serve purposeful brands for years to come, I thank you sincerely. Those individuals include my peers, Lauren Wilks, Shante Williams, and Cody Halff, as well as my mentors and role models: Aaron Delwiche, Jennifer Henderson, and Chris Do.

Thank you for bearing with me through this drawn-out post. I promise future ones will contain relevant and engaging material related to ethical and purposeful branding and strategy.

Travis Halff